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How to Find a Reliable Nearby House Painter

You’ve decided it’s time to bring in a worker to paint your home, but how do you find a reliable house painter? While it might be easy to find a painter, knowing which qualified and trustworthy is not easy. There are many things to consider when making the important decision of who will paint your house.

A couple of places to look for a painter:

  1. Ask around – have any of your family members, friends, or acquaintances recently used a nearby local painter? If so, check out the work and compare it with WorkDone Workers’ work.
  2. WorkDone App – If you don’t get any references or do not have enough time to go out and search for a good painter. Don’t worry, On the WorkDone, you will get lots of bids from nearby house painters.

Once you’ve found a painter, you should probably do the following things:

  1. Ratings & Reviews are powerful things – ask around to see if anyone has reviews about the painter. Yes, it is hard to get reviews from relatives. But on WorkDone App, you can get easily navigate ratings and reviews.
  2. Ask for references – any reputable painter will gladly provide contact information for previous clients.
  3. Visit work site – Ask the painter to come out and see the scope of work and request a quote. Ensure the quote has details such as which areas will be painted and how many coats of paint will be provided at the price he’s providing.
  4. Bids Comparison – Once you’ve bids of a few painters that gain your initial approval and that are within your price range, there are a few key things you should be looking for.

Questions which You Should Ask to a Good House Painter:

  1. Inquire about the preparation of the area to be painted – will your house painter take all necessary actions to ensure the painting job is done correctly?
  2. Will holes need to be filled and sanded before painting?
  3. Will your painter be able to tell if an area will need to be primed before painting?
  4. How many coats of paint should each area be covered with?

Qualities of a Good House Painter:

Your house painter should have extensive knowledge and experience with regard to the tools they use like brushes, scrapers, tape, and rollers. They should know how much paint and primer a job would require and what type of paint to use. They should also know things like how to remove wallpaper and how to properly fill a hole.

Keep in mind all of the information above, and you should be able to find a reliable and good nearby house painter that can get the job done for you at a reasonable price.

Download WorkDone App to receive more information, tips, and questions to ask a house painter before hiring.

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